Perspective: A Sonnet

Lately, I’ve been finding it useful to free-associate onto paper, be it tangible or digital. In one of my musings, I spontaneously decided it was time to return to a creative form I’m decent at: poetry in the style of Shakespearian sonnets. It has been a long time, so pardon me if it’s terrible.


The sun arises, shining on the world

Its warmth and brightness overturning night

And after all its goodness has unfurled

The moon and stars return the dark to light


The summer’s blazing heat destroys the green

And in its stead brings harvesting of wheat

The winter’s snow is delicate and clean

Amidst the autumn symphony’s defeat


A phoenix from its own ash must arise

A seed must rot to give rise to a tree

A melon must be sliced to reach its prize

A chick must struggle so it may be free


To cost, a gain; to every loss, a win.

To every end, a new chance to begin.




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