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Graduate Research External Funding Resources

Below are a number of great resources for finding and applying for graduate fellowships.  Continue reading


Fellowships: They’re For You!

This is the first in a series of posts about fellowships I’ll be posting on the USC Graduate School Blog over the summer. They’ll usually be posted there first, then re-posted here.

Every graduate program has different standards for how their students pay their way. However, everyone can benefit from investing the time in applying for fellowships. Be they large or small, unheard of or prestigious, acquiring fellowships demonstrates a person’s ability to convince others that they can do valuable research. This is particularly important in academia (where grant-awarding agencies often fund projects with societal impact), but all research fields need people who can communicate about their research.  Continue reading

“Spring is Here! Summer is Coming!” said the trees

People like to say about Los Angeles (and SoCal in general) that we “have no seasons”. Nay, I say! We merely distinguish them by different markers. Despite the lack of inclement weather, the overnight weather gets drastically colder in the winter. I used to have to scrape ice off my windshield to be able to drive to high school in the morning. The summers come with that extraordinary dry heat one tends to associate with Arizona, albeit somewhat tempered by the nearby Pacific.  Continue reading