“Spring is Here! Summer is Coming!” said the trees

People like to say about Los Angeles (and SoCal in general) that we “have no seasons”. Nay, I say! We merely distinguish them by different markers. Despite the lack of inclement weather, the overnight weather gets drastically colder in the winter. I used to have to scrape ice off my windshield to be able to drive to high school in the morning. The summers come with that extraordinary dry heat one tends to associate with Arizona, albeit somewhat tempered by the nearby Pacific. 

In the most excellently temperate spring-time, it’s warm enough to walk around in sandals again, at least during the day. (Natives like me do feel cold in the winter here!) The deciduous trees are starting to grow leaves again. But most importantly, we have an official marker of the onset of summer. Where we lack April showers (and boy could we use some rain) and May flowers, we gain the momentous and momentary blooming of the great and majestic jacaranda trees!

photo 1   Ucla4photo 2   20140506-140551.jpg 20140506-140540.jpg 20140506-140531.jpg20140512-144407.jpg  20140512-144426.jpg 20140512-144358.jpg

Despite the explosive allergies this is causing, the blooming of the jacarandas is my favorite time of year. It comes at the end of long, harrowing school years. It’s like a sign that world is saying, “Look, really, forget the hell that is MATLAB grading, life is beautiful!”



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