About the Blog

I’m in the process of completing my MSEE and PhD BME at USC, after having studying college years at UCLA studying Computational & Systems Biology and minoring in Math. (Before you ask: yes, I’ve been in LA my whole life, and yes, I have confused feelings about UCLA and USC because of this). I have always been enamored of science and technology, but I also have some interest in left-brain activities, such as writing, piano, film, and philosophy. I primarily started this blog to talk about science topics that interest me (usually neuroscience related) or topics related to my research, but there will be a smattering of other things.

My research involves using surface electromyography (sEMG), the capture of electrical signals generated by muscle contractions via electrodes on the skin, to communicate with computers or other devices. As you can guess, Luke Skywalker’s hand is my inspiration and my life-long dream, but the work that I do has relevance to any sEMG application. Some of my work involves characterizing the way our lab’s non-linear sEMG filters improve off-line analysis as well. My research interests have developed broadly to include neuroscience and neuroanatomy, motor control and motor learning, dystonia, signal processing and control theory, and brain-machine interfaces.

I am a writer for the USC Graduate School Blog. Many of those posts will also end up here, and will be so labeled. Those posts are usually about things such as life as a graduate student, how to get fellowships, career advice, etc. I also periodically write for the PLOS Neuroscience Community Blog, and have an account on Medium. Those two outlets are more science-oriented; the former about new research, the latter more personal.

I’m always open to suggestions for new posts.



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